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Welcome to My Website about Anything and Everything
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Below is my Bio Enjoy!!!!
Hello Hope you enjoy this page as this is a short bio about my life


I was born in a small town outside Stuttgart, Germany called Bad Canstatt where every year towards the end of September and Beginning of October they have the Octoberfest (site available in English and German). I was born on December 23,1981 and lived there till May 1,1987 when me and my parents moved to Weil Der Stadt. Where I went through hard times in the school and was accused of things I never did. On November 30,1991 I was forced to move to The United States of America because the "Jugendamt" wanted to take me away from my parents. I lived in Barrington, New Jersey until June 8,1995 then me and my parents moved to Rossville,GA and while I lived there I went to Lakeview Middle School where during the Atlanta Olympics the school came up with a small Olympic where I got to carry Germany's Flag. Then I went to Lakeview-Fort Ogelthorpe High School I stayed there until I had to once move again and this time moved to Dalton,GA where I graduated on May 25,2001 then I went on to Dalton State College on August 21,2001 and have been there ever since and moved into an apartment of my own on November 12,2001.
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