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My Famous Genealogy

These are websites of all the famous people I am related to through My Mother's Sisters Husband Ancestor who was "Henry The Lion Duke of Saxony and Bavaria who married "Matilda" The Daughter of "King Henry II of England" which in turn makes me related to every Royal Family in Europe through Queen Victoria and subsequently to Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana and Prince William and Prince Harry

Websites of the people I'm related to
The Royal Family of England
The Royal Family of Russia
Genealogy of the Romanov Family
Romanov Family Photo Album
Some Family saying they are related to the romanov very nice webpage
The Royal Family of Sweden
The Royal Family of Spain
The Royal Family of Yugoslavia and Serbia
The Royal Family of Greece
I am also related to:
Franklin Delano Roosevelt who is related to these people also:
Winston Churchill (7th cousin once removed, maternal)
John Quincy Adams (paternal)
John Adams (paternal)
Ulysses S. Grant (maternal)
Zachary Taylor (maternal)
Jefferson Davis (maternal)
James Madison (maternal)
George Washington (maternal)
Robert E. Lee (maternal)
Benjamin Harrison (maternal)
William Henry Harrison (maternal)
William Howard Taft (maternal)
Martin Van Buren (paternal)
General Robert E Lee is related to
Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low who founded the Girl Scouts of America



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Sitting down is Princess Kira of Prussia
Standing is Duchess Marie Cecile of Oldenburg

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