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Welcome to My Website about Anything and Everything
Famous People Websites

Hope you enjoy this webpage as it is filled with websites about Famous People if you found any that are not on here or you just have a comment or question for me email me at


Below are the websites and to the left you will find a quote that I will try to change daily as I can.

I have a terrific headache -Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Last Words on April 12,1945 in Warm Springs,GA as he was sitting for a portrait - Royal Genealogies- Ths is the website I used to find out that I was related to the Royal Families - Royal And Noble- They offer a service to see if your related to Royal or Noble Families - FDR Website of his Home at Hyde Park,NY - FDRs Little White House in Warm Springs,GA - Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation in Warm Springs,GA - US Presidents, Vice-Presidents and First Ladies - FDR & The Little White House webpage