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Princess Kira of Prussia June 27, 1943-10.January, 2004

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The one sitting is Princess Kira
I will never forget you

I was able to meet Royalty even though they don't rule in Germany anymore. Anyhow I was so excited because my pen pal in Germany worked at the time I was in Germany at the Princess Kira of Prussia Foundation in German-->"Prinzessin Kira von Preussen Stiftung" anyhow I cooked fish sticks in a big pan then after eating the lunch I got to talk to The Two Royal Family Members and then after Duchess Marie Cecile had to go back home I helped my pen pal make the dinner which consisted of German Sausages sliced and cheese so I carried it in with one hand under the plate over my head because the Princess was busy talking to someone so as she saw that she said In German "Oh da ist unser kellner" in English it is Oh there is our butler" I'll never forget her saying that when I am able to go to Germany again I'm gonna make it my mission to go back onto Burg Hohenzollern and visit the resting place of her and lay flowers and pay my respects. She was truly a kind, gentle and thoughtful lady. For me to get into the Castle Part where no tourists could even go I had to get special permission from the Princess. I will never forget her for all the good work she has done.

As another year passes I will remember on 10 January 2005 that is has been 1 year since the women I adored passed on 1 year ago today. I am very thankful to her for letting me visit my penpal and also have a chance to meet a Princess and a Duchess it was very nice of her. I shall always cherish the time I spent on Burg Hohenzollern that day in 2000. Princess Kira I will never forget you and about the day I met you.

In the picture above: The one person sitting is Princess Kira of Prussia the one who passed away at the age of 60 on January 10, 2004 the one standing is Princess Marie Cecile. I will never forget that day I got to spent with them and that I got to cook and bake a marble cake for them.