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Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicolaievna Romanov 5 June 1901-February 12, 1984


This part of My Website is Dedicated to The Grand Duchess Anastasia. The Anastasia in Germany was indeed 100 % Anastasia.
Anastasia Nicolaievna Romanov was born on June 5,1901 in Peterhof Palace in Saint Petersburg ,Russia to Czar Nicholas II of Imperial Russia and to Alexandra Romanov. The Family Consisted of Czar Nicholas II of Imperial Russia, his Wife Alix, Princess von Hesse - who became Aleksandra when she joined the Russian Orthodox Church in preparation for her wedding.  They had five children: Great Duchess Olga (23), Tatiana (21), Maria (19) and Anastasia (17), and the Tsarevich, Alexei (14).  They were murdered in Cold Blood in the Ipatiev House in Yekatinburg,Russia on July 16, 1918. But Grand Duchess Anastasia survived and later became known to the World as Anna Anderson who passed away in Charlottesville, Virginia on February 12,1984. Grand Duchess Anastasia was 82 Years Old at the time of her death. Her Body was cremated and her ashes were scattered in Germany at Castle Seeon a plaque is on a wall there with her name on it. It says:
Anastasia Manahan
In German
Unser Herz ist Unruhig
Bis es ruht in Dir O Gott
Gottes Mühlen
Mahlen Langsam
aber ? Fein
In English
Our Heart is Nervous
Till it rests by you Oh God
God's Mills
Mill Slowly
But ? Fine
My mom worked in 1961 by a person who's house was next to Anastasia and my mom lost her shoe over the straw fence that anastasia had at the time in Unterlengenhardt and reporters were trying to take pictures of Anastasia and the house but her and other people that worked there said no as they wanted to get onto their roof to take them. My mom even got to talk to the Prince of Hapsburg and a woman from the village came to bring Anastasia food and the stuff on Unsolved Mysteries is false.

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