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Welcome to My Website about Anything and Everything
Facts About Me
Facts About Me
Hirschgasse 6 Then-7252/ Now-71263 Weil Der Stadt
Are You Being Served?
Goodbye My Friend Song by Linda Rondstadt
The Forester Sisters
Wedding of HRH Prince of Wales and Princess of Cornwall
My Old Book
My Trip to Germany from June 16 to August 9, 2000
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My Famous Genealogy
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Johannes Kepler Dec 27, 1571 November 15, 1630
Places to go to in the USA
Places to go to In Europe
In Memory
Princess Kira of Prussia June 27, 1943-10.January, 2004
Hotel Avra
Diana, Princess of Wales 1961-1997
Diana,Princess of Wales-Queen of Hearts Gone But Not Forgotten
Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicolaievna Romanov 5 June 1901-February 12, 1984
Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1882-1945
Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Last Day April 12,1945
The Morrison Clan
Queen Elizabeth II of England
The Grant Clan
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The Above is the Morrison Clan


And then above is the Grant Clan. The Morrison Clan through my Father and the Grant Clan through my Mother.
Name: Thomas Wolfgang Maguire
Birthday: December 23,1981
Birthplace: in a small town outside of Stuttgart named Bad Canstatt in Germany
Hobbies: Listen to CD's, anykind of music except rap, talk on the computer, research different kinds of things.
Likes: Anykind of food (my mom taught me you eat what comes on the table if you dont like it you still have to eat it so I'm not picky in what i eat)
Dislikes: Mean People, People who think they are better than everyone else. People who tell me they are going to come over and then never do. Or people that talk about other people behind their backs. Or when I see someone i know is online but they dont talk to me.
Websites that I like to look at:
Anything that has to do with Genealogy, Or about these Famous People:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, George Washington, John Adams, John Quincy AdamsUlysses S. Grant, Zachary Taylor, Jefferson DavisJames Madison, George Washington, Robert E. LeeBenjamin Harrison, William Henry HarrisonWilliam Howard Taft,Martin Van Buren

and about the Royal Families of Europe like:

England,Spain,Russia,Sweden and the Netherlands and so on.

Since I am related to them through my mothers sisters husband ancestor Henry The Lion Duke of Saxony and Bavaria. He married Matilda the Daughter of King Henry II of England. In one website page i will put down a list of websites one which I found very useful in my search of actually being related even though by far to Queen Elizabeth II of England.

I also have Tourette's Syndrome and Depression



There are more websites so go and check them out...........